Year 4 had a fantastic time on their residential trip to Burwell House. The three-day, two-night visit was packed with fun activities.


A particular highlight was the professionally equipped TV studio, complete with three cameras and green screen. The children assumed both presenting and technical roles, including director, floor manager, and title mixers. Applying facts that they had researched in history lessons and script writing skills they had developed in English classes, the children produced some informative and engaging TV news programmes.


Craft activities included Batik work to decorate reusable bags and making enamel keyrings. Despite the damp weather, the children and staff enjoyed orienteering and team building activities in the vast gardens. This included The Burwell Challenge – a blindfolded obstacle course!


Each evening, the children would set and clear their tables and serve the delicious home-cooked meals.


Mr Clinch said “All the children were exceptionally well behaved and demonstrated excellent teamwork. It was the longest time that some of them had been away from home and everyone was very brave and supportive.”


Thank you to the team – Mr Clinch, Mrs Howells, Mrs Blackburne and Mrs Hawes.