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Prep School

Growing minds, building futures

In Years 3 to 6, we empower our pupils to become independent learners, taking ownership of their daily tasks. Our approach emphasises problem-solving, practical learning, and fostering curiosity to deepen their understanding.

With dedicated subject coordinators who bring expertise and passion to each department, we ensure exciting and stimulating schemes of work and lessons in all subjects. We guide children in self-discovery, preparing them to choose the senior school that aligns with their individual needs, resulting in numerous scholarships, grammar school, and specialised school offers. Our Year 6 pupils transition to over 16 senior schools across Essex, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire.

Our approach

Our approach

Pupils are regularly tested in core subjects and their progress is tracked to ensure that all are developing to the best of their ability. Our aim is to support and stretch all pupils in the classroom, irrespective of their starting point.

Our Year 6 results reflect many years of careful teaching. The children are continually monitored as they progress through the school and we use the GL Assessment Series to formally test their understanding annually. We consistently share information about pupil progress with parents, supporting the important partnership between home and school.

In Year 3, the curriculum broadens, and the children are exposed to greater opportunities and challenges. Year 4 to Year 6 includes flexible grouping for Maths and English and a wider curriculum often delivered by subject specialists. Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils leave Year 6 for the senior school of their choice, equipped to tackle Year 7 with confidence.

The right fit

Children are prepared for entrance examinations and interviews for independent schools, and the 11+ examination for the county’s grammar schools, throughout the Prep School.

We are extremely proud of our ability to help pupils move successfully to their chosen secondary schools, and we have an enviable track record of academic, sport, music, drama and art scholarships.


Thriving outside of the classroom

At St. Margaret's, we take great pride in providing our pupils with a holistic educational experience. We firmly believe that education goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom, which is why we offer a diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities that cater to the unique interests and talents of our pupils.

Our wide-ranging extra-curricular programs aim to enrich the lives of our students and foster their personal growth. Whether it's participating in competitive sports teams, or engaging in creative arts clubs, we encourage our students to explore their passions and broaden their horizons outside of traditional academic pursuits.


Stimulate and challenge young minds

In Key Stage 2, our pupils thrive under high expectations for work, independence, presentation, and organisation. Progress is meticulously tracked through standardised testing, ensuring optimal development for each individual. Our dedicated teachers support and challenge every pupil, regardless of their starting point.

Each day commences with Maths and English, followed by various subjects taught by subject specialists. From Year 4, we implement flexible grouping for English, Maths, and Verbal Reasoning to offer tailored challenges. French, Spanish, and Latin are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.

Year 5 provides after-school clubs for 11+ preparation, while Year 6 focuses on interview skills and mock interviews. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning are taught through assessments and practical application.


In Year 3, pupils have an hour of French a week where all four skills are used: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Their personal laptops act as a mini language lab, allowing children to do interactive listening activities, using headphones, which they can complete at their own pace. From Year 4, they start learning Spanish. The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) lessons alternate each half term between French and Spanish The children use their knowledge of French in Spanish. In their MFL lessons they will develop their oral comprehension skills and learn about grammar and written French. In Prep MFL lessons are taught in the Discovery Lab making use of the green screen to act out role plays, at the café, doctors, shop etc showing the children that we learn language for a real purpose.


Years 3-6 are taught Music once a week by the Director of Music. In singing, pupils develop their expression and awareness of phrases and try out singing in parts. Pupils also look at how composers employ the musical elements and recreate these effects, contributing their own ideas. In instrumental work, they further develop their understanding and application of music notation and rhythms when learning to play the recorder and other instruments. Pupils can join the choir and various music ensembles, with plenty of opportunities to perform throughout the year. There are also visiting peripatetic teachers to give individual lessons in a variety of instruments, singing and drama.


In addition to a one-hour PE and one-hour Games lesson, pupils in Prep have weekly Games/fixtures afternoons, where they have the opportunity to compete against other independent schools. We openly encourage girls and boys to choose the sport that they are passionate about, whether it be netball or football, hockey or rugby and they compete as mixed teams. We have a strong sporting record of achievement at ISA regional and national level, with pupils representing the school in a range of sports.


Prep pupils have one Art lesson a week with the specialist Art teacher. They will build on their knowledge and skills in the elements of art such as line, symmetry and form, study different forms of Art such as architecture, embroidery and needlework and look at country specific. They will have the opportunity to study well known pieces and gain familiarity with famous artists. At the end of each unit the pupils will put this learning into practise in either 2D or 3D form.


Science specialist teaching starts in Year 3 in our dedicated Science Lab. Chemistry, Biology and Physics are all covered in topics such as Cycles in Nature, Simple Machines, The Human Body, Light and Optics, Matter and Change. The fully equipped Science lab enables practical experiments within lessons which bring to life the theory studied.

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My child changed from a state primary to St. Margaret's and I have been blown away by the opportunities offered. The pastoral support and the dedication of the whole team at St. Margaret's.

 – Year 5 Parent, St Margaret’s

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