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Wellbeing & Support

Where happy children make excellent progress

At St. Margaret's Prep, we put as much emphasis on the wellbeing of our pupils, as we do their academic achievement. We know children will not achieve their best academically unless they are happy; therefore we put significant effort into ensuring all our pupils are well cared for, emotionally, and academically.

This emotional happiness will allow pupils to be positively engaged and focused in lessons, as well as create enthusiasm around the pursuit of other opportunities St. Margaret's has to offer.

A nurturing and friendly environment with a good focus on wellbeing and learning.

– Reception Parent, St Margaret’s

Our Learning and Support Approach

All children need additional support at different times, and this is an aspect of learning that is embraced at St Margaret’s. Class sizes are small and flexible grouping for maths and English ensure, week by week, that pupils receive the level of attention they need for that topic.

Any child who feels they would like further help with a concept is given 1:1 time in the afternoon with one of our excellent Teaching Assistants, to ensure the concept is secure for the next day. We are proud that our older children will confidently ask for this help, and they know this service is available for them, whether they would like to chat through number bonds to 100 or 3 step algebra problems.

Join us for a Personal Tour

We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

Enjoy a guided tour of the school, arranged by a member of our friendly Admissions Team who can answer any questions you may have


Support for pupils in all areas

Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and third parties are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children entrusted to our care. By creating a secure and nurturing environment, we ensure that children can thrive and flourish.

Our comprehensive policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the highest standards of child protection, ensuring that we create a safe and positive learning environment to nurture children and prioritise their wellbeing.

St Margaret's School

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