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Before & After School Care

Larks & Owls Wraparound Care

We understand that parents lead very busy lives and can’t always be available at the usual school hours. To cater to this, we offer our before and after-school care program to help make this both manageable for parents, and enjoyable for children.

Our goal is to provide a seamless extension of the learning experience while granting parents the flexibility they need.

Larks & Owls Before & After School Care

Larks before school care


Available every morning from 7.30am


Our ‘Larks’ morning club starts at 7.30am offering a light breakfast. There is a variety of table activities and games to entertain the pupils before they head to early morning clubs or class.

Owls After School Care from until 6pm


Children can attend daily, a few days a week, or just as a one-off.


‘Owls’ runs from 4pm to 6pm offering a light tea. We provide a caring, happy environment where the children can complete their homework, play indoor or outdoor games or take part in a variety of activities which may include construction puzzles, board games or art and crafts.

Extra-Curricular Activites

Beyond the curriculum

At St. Margaret's, we firmly believe that learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. We provide an array of diverse and invaluable opportunities for our pupils to relish, enabling each individual to uncover their unique talents and passions.

To help further enhance our pupils' education, the teachers at St. Margaret's regularly organise termly day trips. We provide a wide range of excursions across the school, to enhance their classroom learning.

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