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School Lunches & Healthy Meals

Freshly prepared food and locally sourced ingredients

At St. Margaret's, we prioritise healthy eating and good nutrition, practising what we teach. Our daily menu includes a meat-free option alongside regular dishes, accompanied by a fresh salad bar and homemade soup, ensuring balanced meals for every pupil.

The kitchen diligently caters to food allergies, intolerances, special diets (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.), and religious requirements. We foster a calm dining hall atmosphere, encouraging children to eat and converse with their peers. Simultaneous departure from the dining hall prevents rushed eating.

Parents can assist in selecting meals for Early Years children from a three-week menu each term. All school children and full-day Nursery attendees enjoy a cooked lunch.

Delicious lunches expertly prepared on site at St. Margaret’s

Our School has a partnership with Thomas Franks Ltd who are passionate about providing healthy food. Our Chef prepares all lunches on-site with fresh ingredients. We take great pride in the high quality of the daily meat and vegetarian options, salad bar, freshly baked bread and delicious, balanced desserts.

Teachers encourage our children to try new food and flavours to instil a positive attitude towards food and the importance of a balanced diet.

Our Chef takes additional care to make sure that vegetarians, people with allergies, and anyone with special dietary needs are cared for.

No products containing nuts or traces of nut oils are allowed on the premises due to the rising prevalence of nut intolerances.

Our Menus
Week 1 Menu
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Week 3 Menu
Week 4 Menu

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