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Extra-Curricular Activities

Equipping children for life

At St. Margaret's, we are firm believers that learning happens beyond the classroom, and we offer varied and valuable opportunities for our pupils to enjoy, allowing each individual to discover new talents and interests.

The curriculum is enriched with a comprehensive programme that offers a regular schedule of wide-ranging clubs from golf to fencing and Lego to coding.

St. Margaret’s is a delightful school. They provide a genuinely kind, caring environment, where each child can grow and reach their full potential.

 – Year 6 Parent, St Margaret’s

Encouraging new interests outside of the classroom

Our clubs are updated each half-term and include:


Reaching new heights

Trips and visits help reinforce children's learning experiences and we believe that they should be a part of every child's education. Trips provide first-hand memories that stay with them for much longer than reading about it in a book or doing research online.

To enhance our pupils' education, the teachers at St. Margaret's organise termly day trips. We provide a wide range of excursions across the school, to enhance their classroom learning. They may visit Cressing Temple Barns, Colchester Castle, Colne Valley Railway to bring history to the present, or to discover species studied in science lessons up close on trips to Daws Hall and Hatfield Forest.

From Year 3 pupils attend residential trips that promote character development and academic enrichment.

St. Margaret's school trips are a crucial component of our curriculum and educational philosophy to expand learning outside of the classroom and help pupils acquire important life skills.

Examples of recent school trips include:
  • Essex Outdoors - Mersea and Bradwell

  • Burwell House

  • Cuffley Camp


Larks & Owls

Life at St. Margaret’s extends well beyond the first and last lessons of the day.

‘Larks’ starts at 7.30am offering a light breakfast. There is a variety of table activities and games to entertain the pupils before they head to early morning clubs or class. ‘Owls’ runs to 6.00pm, providing a caring, happy environment where the children can complete their homework, play indoor or outdoor games or take part in a variety of activities which may include construction puzzles, board games or art and crafts.

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