During British Science Week back in March, we welcomed Sian Cleaver from NASA’s Artemis Programme. Sian, who is Year 1 pupil, Theo’s Aunt, is an Industrial Manager for the Orion European Service Module – which is the part of the Artemis rocket that carries the astronauts supplies.

Sian enjoyed her time at St Margaret’s, working with the pupils on their egg rover lander experiments, so much that she wanted to involve us in this historical moment. She took ‘Luna’ the St Mags teddy bear along to meet the astronauts, ask them our pupils questions and to watch the launch up close! The pupils enjoyed watching the videos and are extremely excited to be a part of this huge moment in history!

Artemis I launched on 25th November and completed its Moon mission when the Orion capsule safely returned on 11th December . We now have lots more questions to ask and hopefully Sian will come back to help answer them!

You can watch the video of Luna’s adventure and the St Mags Q&A with NASA astronaut Shannon Walker here

Luna's NASA adventures