Miss Kate Gutteridge

I have now been at St Margaret’s for four years. I started in Year 3 where I worked for three years and have spent the last year teaching Year 1. Before joining St Margaret’s I worked at a British international school in Dubai.

I have always loved working with children. During my gap year I worked at PGL and had so much fun encouraging children to be brave, resilient and work together as a team. Then during the University holidays I had a job in a nursery. I have also volunteered at schools in Ghana, Kenya and India. These experiences made me realise that teaching is what I love.

Either an astronaut (I’m definitely not clever enough) or some sort of explorer, like Bear Grylls.

I found reading and writing difficult at school. It definitely didn’t come easily to me. But I had the most amazing primary school teachers who encouraged me. They taught me to be brave and have a go at everything.

For me technology has probably changed the most. When I started teaching, I would never have considered using iPads in a lesson, especially not with the youngest children. Now they are an everyday tool.

I am so looking forward to getting to know all the children and parents in the Early Years.

David Attenborough, imagine the facts he could teach us.

I love to swim, go on holidays and spend time with my friends.

I love to swim, go on holidays and spend time with my friends.

I try to visit a new country every year. (28 and counting…)