Job title: Year 4 Teacher

April 2020

My last job was as KS2 Phase Leader, Maths Coordinator and Year 6 teacher at Gosfield School.

I ran a kid’s club on a holiday camp one summer and realised how much I enjoy working with children. I think that, as teachers, we are uniquely privileged to work with young people whose open minds and hearts, and an excitement for learning and discovering the world around us, makes them great fun to be around and makes our job rewarding and interesting, with everyday different!

Outdoor education instructor.

I loved learning and I remember one teacher who rolled her eyes when I put my hand up to share an idea. It’s always stuck with me, so I try and make sure that every child feels that their contributions are valued. On the brighter side, I remember my head-teacher reading Micheal Rosen’s Chocolate Cake in assembly and have loved the poem ever since! I always try to read poetry with the same enthusiasm and commitment as he did.

Technology has changed school life in a huge way! It has brought so many brilliant resources, activities and new skills that have opened up the classroom in all different ways. Conversely, it has also introduced new challenges, linked to internet safety, social media and making the most of enjoying the outdoors and life away from the screen.

It sounds cheesy but I really do love the teaching part! It’s fun, interesting and always brings unexpected challenges. I also love school trips and am always keen to organise exciting adventures.

Olaf from Frozen. Imagine how excited he would be at every new fact and discovery?

I love climbing, surfing, walking, camping and eating, so any combination of these activities would put a happy, relaxed smile on my face.

I’m really excited to get to know everyone, especially when we’re all allowed back into the classroom!

Whilst kayaking with a group in Australia, we came across a pod of 5 humpback whales who swum underneath us, showed us their tails and communicated with each other. It was so incredible that I cried!

We’re delighted to have Miss Wiggins join our St. Margaret’s Family