At St. Margaret’s we are committed to inspiring our pupils every day, while ensuring our teachers are equipped with the very best learning tools and resources. To that end, we are delighted to have introduced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered learning platforms CENTURY and LbQ to our classrooms. 


LbQ (Learning by Questions) is a multi-award winning teaching and learning platform. It won the Teach Primary 5 Star Award and was finalist for the Bett Awards Primary and Secondary Content of 2021.


Developed by the edtech pioneers who first revolutionised classrooms by introducing the world to the Interactive White Board, they have spent more than a decade developing a unique platform that is not only engaging for children but can also help them get a term ahead in an academic year. Their research has been gathered from pedagogical studies, feedback surveys and hours upon hours of working alongside educators to distil what really moves the needle for children in the classroom.


What our pupils say:

“LbQ is an amazing online learning app. I love how the questions get harder as you go along because it challenges you. LbQ has a feature where you can get a whiteboard on the screen and I think that is really good because it is important to show your workings out. Probably for me though the best feature is if you get a question wrong, you get the chance to do it again and every time it gives you another clue to help you work the question out. I think this really helps, especially if you are stuck. It’s also really good for my learning because it tells you what mistakes you have made.”


“I really like LbQ because you can improve on your mistakes, if you get it wrong you have the choice for another try, it will also give you a hint. It’s also great because your teacher can see privately if you are struggling, so you don’t have to ask in front of the whole class and they can help. I really like that your teacher can easily see how many tries you took, and if you gave up or if you persevered!”


CENTURY is the tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. This platform supports our personalised approach to learning and independent learning.


As pupils use CENTURY to study and answer questions, the AI constantly calculates their strengths and areas for improvements, creating a tailored, individual learning pathway for them. With automated questions, pupils receive instant feedback on CENTURY, and parents can be confident that their work will be pitched at the right level for them.


What our teachers say:

“I’m able to set individualised pathways for my pupils, both in lessons and for homework. It is reassuring to know that the platform is responsive to the pupil’s progress allowing me to closely monitor performance in real time.”

The move to these AI-powered platforms came from our Covid-related transformation programme in which all pupils in Year 3 and above are equipped with their own personal laptop for use in school and at home.


It has been helpful in developing skills that for us are just vital – the possibility of developing independence in our pupils, to own their learning, so that they know where they are and where they want to go. And also to reflect on how far they have come.


If you would like to find out more about our approach to teaching, including our digital strategy, to prepare our pupils for a bright future, please do contact us or 01787 273 050.