Following an assembly where we learned more about the crisis in the Ukraine and all about the different charities that are helping, Mrs Moss set a school-wide ‘work for homework’ challenge. Instead of doing their usual 20-30 mins homework each evening, the children were to discuss with their parents what chores they could do and negotiate a rate for the chores. They then decided how much of their earnings they would donate to the cause.


Maisie in Year 5 explains: “Last week, the school was set homework to do all sorts of chores at home to earn money that goes to the Ukraine charities. Such as Oxfam, Save the Children etc. I sat down and planned with my parents which chores I’d like to do. The chores we chose together were washing up, changing the bed, hoovering, tidying my room, dusting and cleaning surfaces. I think I worked really hard and have decided to donate everything to Ukraine charities.”


Well done Maisie, and well done to everyone else. The teachers have been really impressed, and rather touched by how keen the children were to help the people of Ukraine. We’ve loved seeing the photos and reading all the reports – most of which are being displayed in classrooms.


“I have felt that I have worked very hard and I am very proud of myself” – Poppy


“I worked very hard because I had to be out in the cold (walking the dog) and wanted more money for the Ukraine” – Phoebe


“I felt really confident in myself and happy” – Isla


“I felt that I did my chores really well because the floor was super grubby and when I finished it was spotless clean” – Ethan


Thank you to our parents for supporting this important initiative. It seems that most enjoyed having some extra help around the house!


“He was so keen to undertake all his chores, and raise money for the people of Ukraine. He did his morning chores without being asked and worked really hard. We are so proud of his caring attitude to this!”


“We are really pleased how she has thrown herself into this task and is giving away 75% of her hard earned cash. She has shown true empathy for the plight of Ukranians caught in this terrible situation.”


“She is always keen to help at home – especially if money is involved! However, she undertook this task – with raising money for charity – at the forefront of her mind.”


“Good effort and very proud of his willingness to work for people less fortunate. I think it also made him realise how lucky he is.”


One of our main five values is to be Respectful Global Citizens and we encourage our children to help with fundraising and supporting charities..