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Nursery Curriculum

Enhanced educational experience.

Children attending St Clare’s Nursery benefit from an enhanced education that prepares them for a highly successful school experience.

With deliberately smaller class sizes and a determination to ensure every child is ready for the transition to our Reception class, we work at their pace ensuring they are able to enjoy and get actively involved in every session.

In the process we attain levels of success and achievement that exceed nationally-expected standards.

The Nursery timetable includes:

“St Clare’s is an excellent nursery. The staff are always friendly, and the curriculum is fantastic! Looking forward to my grandson starting Spanish and Forest School after half term!”

–  Nursery Grandparent, St Clare’s School


Our aim is for all children to develop the skills that will propel them into their future with confidence.

With an innovative new Early Years curriculum and outstanding level of care, your child will receive all the support they require to develop into curious, confident and rounded young people.

Literacy, numeracy and digital competency frameworks supplement and support the new curriculum to improve these key competencies in the classroom, and instill them as core skills from a young age.

The learning process in our nursery is carefully embedded into every session and by the time our children move on into Reception they have a true love of learning.

Your child will receive all the support they require to be:

The 5 Developmental Pathways

Central to the curriculum are the five key developmental pathways that are fundamental to the learning and development of all young children.

They focus on what is important for the child, and link closely to the key principles of child development:

- Belonging
- Communication
- Exploration
- Physical Development
- Wellbeing

Each pathway has a clear rationale that captures the essence of what children need to develop at their own pace in a way that is appropriate for them. The skills are child-centred and use statements that positively reflect the children recognising their progress, such as "I am learning to..." and "I need to...".

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