Pupils are taught sport by specialist staff from the Nursery through to Year 6. In Games, boys and girls are taught together until they reach Year 2. From Year 3 Boys are taught Rugby, Football and Cricket whilst Girls have Hockey, Netball and Rounders. In PE the children continue to be taught together and focus on Cross-Country, Gymnastics, Outdoor Activities (such as Orienteering) and Athletics.

The School has close links with Gosfield Cricket Club, providing a high quality and picturesque setting for matches. The Braintree Hockey Club provides an Astroturf venue which we use for Hockey fixtures.

St. Margaret’s also offers a variety of clubs before and after school. Pre School Clubs include Cross Country and the main sport of the term for the specific gender/age group of the child: Football, Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Cross Country, Athletics and Rounders.

The ethos of the Sports Department is to encourage all children to enjoy their sport and to obtain a high level of general fitness. During fixtures there are opportunities for all pupils irrespective of ability. Children are placed into teams in an environment that they should find challenging but that they can cope with. Matches are arranged to suit all abilities.

Over the years St. Margaret’s has been hugely successful on the sporting front. We have produced many winners at ISA Regional events including gold medal winners and National Record holders. We have had unbeaten teams for the whole year in Rugby, Football and Cricket and team success in Cross Country Running and Athletics, including entrants at the ISA National Swimming Gala, the National Cross Country Championships and the ISA National Athletics Championships. In 2017 there were six sports scholarships to independent senior schools.

The biggest achievement, however, is the almost undiluted enthusiasm of the children regardless of their ability to participate and compete.