Art/Design & Technology

Art/Design & Technology

Art is the perfect subject whereby children can express themselves in many different forms. They also develop and improve both their manipulative and creative abilities.  We have a very good record in the ISA Eastern Region and National Art Competition.

The philosophy of art teaching at St. Margaret’s is to encourage an aesthetic appreciation of the environment in which we live. If children are visually informed it enables them to understand and evaluate the quality of life around them, and gives them a framework on which to take a greater pleasure in their surroundings and circumstances.

The lessons are predominantly practical, but it is important that each discipline and topic is put into a context in which the children can relate to other subjects and ideas.

Our children are actively encouraged to express themselves through all kinds of media from the moment they join us. The school is filled with examples of their work. Displaying the children’s art is extremely important, around the school, in classrooms, corridors, the cloakroom and the art room there are boards displaying as much work as possible. These are changed as frequently as possible to enable pupils, staff and parents to appreciate other’s work.

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