Virtually Open...

While our physical doors are currently closed, we are very much open to continue the education of all our students.

St. Margaret’s Prep School provides your child with the best possible start to their educational journey.


St. Margaret’s has an outstanding record of academic achievement and though we are a non-selective school, expectations of what pupils can achieve here are high. We focus on traditional educational values, skills and the written word with technology used to enhance rather than replace the curriculum.

We are extremely proud of our ability to help pupils move successfully to their chosen secondary schools. St. Margaret’s has an enviable record of success in 11+ exams and academic scholarships to independent schools in the area.  Our outcomes are high and significantly above the national average, with children making outstanding progress whatever their ability level.

Our Year 6 results reflect many years of careful teaching.  The children are continually monitored as they progress through the school and we use the GL Assessment Series to formally test their understanding annually.

There is a wide range of abilities among our pupils and we are always delighted with our results.  For example, given a national average standardised score of 100, our Year 2 pupils scored an average standardised score of 121 in English and 122 in Maths, showing they are operating well above expectation.  Our Years 6s scored similarly impressive results, and this puts us among the best performing schools in Cognita UK.

In 2017/18 the 25 Year 6 pupils gained 22 scholarships, awards and 11+ places.

Awards, Scholarships & 11+ (2018/19 entry)View/Download
Awards, Scholarships & 11+ (2017/18 entry)View/Download
Academic Results 2018/19View/Download
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