Life at St. Margaret’s extends well beyond the first and last lessons of the day. From 7.30am to 8.30am, and 3.30pm to 6.00pm, you can find children playing, crafting and chatting in our breakfast, after school and wraparound clubs, while others study in our homework club. It’s an arrangement that families find invaluable for the flexibility it gives them at drop-off and collection time.


Early morning ‘Larks’ starts at 7.30am and takes place in our spacious Nursery, offering a light breakfast of cereal and a drink. There is a variety of table activities and games to entertain the pupils before they head to early morning clubs or class.

After school ‘Owls’ runs to 6.00pm, providing a caring, happy environment where the children can do their homework, play indoor or outdoor games or take part in a variety of activities which may include construction puzzles, board games or art and craft.

Homework Club

We also run a homework club every day where Prep pupils can study with a member of staff on hand to offer help and encouragement, an make sure the work is completed. It runs to 4.40pm and the children are then welcome to join Owls for an additional charge.

Pre School and After School Clubs

There is a wide selection of activities that vary from term to term.

Morning clubs are generally sport or music and are free of charge.

After school clubs, which run from 4.00pm until 5.00pm, are £72 per term (or £36 for clubs that run for half a term only). Throughout the year these may include activities such as Lego Club, Short Tennis, Fencing, Golf, Art Club, Mad Science Club, Cookery Club, Speech and Drama, Football, Athletics, Yoga and many more.

At 5pm children can go on to join Owls for a light tea.

Sibling Care

Some families have children in Pre-Prep and the Prep School. If this is the case, care can be provided, at no additional charge, for the younger children finishing school at 3:30pm until older siblings in Prep have finished school at 3.50pm.


The club fees are broken down below, and are charged and invoiced separately at the end of each half term in arrears.

All children are looked after until 4pm free of charge.




7.30am – 8.30am £11 including breakfast
7.30am – 8am £8 including breakfast
8am – 8.30am £6 drop off only



4pm – 4.40pm (Prep homework) £8 per session
up to 5pm  

£11 per session

4pm – 5.30pm £13 per session including tea

5pm – 6pm (after a club)

£11 including tea
4pm – 6pm £16 per session including tea


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