Each year the parents and pupils at St. Margaret’s are exceptionally generous in their support for a myriad of charities, which include Red Nose Day, Sports Relief and many others.

The annual vote for our Charity of the Year this year was won by Blue House, Knight, who have chosen ‘Rivercare and Beachcare‘. The powerful message from David Attenborough’s wonderful ‘Blue Planet’ programme has clearly had an impact, and we are delighted to support such a worthwhile cause.

The Blue House Captains, Siena and Theo, wrote to our parents to invite them to join us on 14th December for the first fundraising event, and to join us in an added activity which we needed their help with. We asked everybody to kindly collect any type of plastic bottle (milk bottles, tonic, lemonade etc.) and bring them on the last day of term.  We made a sculpture of a river out of our plastic bottles.  The idea was to give the children an idea of the scale of plastic waste we generate as a school.   They could then imagine how much waste a county or country would produce.  If we don’t re-cycle, this waste ends up in our rivers, seas and oceans.

We will also be holding another charity event later in the year and the theme will be BEACH PARTY.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to throw some wet sponges; all we need to sort out is who we can throw them at!

Thank you again for voting for our charity and let’s make sure that we all help in keeping our rivers and beaches free from rubbish, so that we can all appreciate our beautiful environment.

In November 2017, following a very closely contested school wide vote, Little Havens Hospice  was chosen as our charity of the year.

The Christmas appeal in 2016 allowed us to sponsor Tigust and Yohanas through Ethiopia Hope and we raised sufficient funds again this year through staff donations to ensure their education continues for 2019.

St Clare Hospice is another organisation that has been supported recently as it has been providing excellent care and invaluable support to one of our families. Ava and Orla to set up a stall allowing pupils the opportunity (if they wished) to purchase (for a suggested donation of £1.50) the St Clare Flumpets (to hang from their rucksacks) and St Clare Christmas Tree Badges (to wear on their blazers in the run up to Christmas) and wristbands.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support.  St Margaret’s has a magnificent record of fund raising for good causes – you are always so generous – and I hope that this academic year will be another very successful one

The children really do gain so much from these experiences.

Finally, a big thank you to all the staff for their help and enthusiasm.

Callum Douglas, Headmaster

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