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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Technology Platforms

Find out about the technology platforms we will use to support our Online Teaching and Learning programme and how to access them

Technology Platforms

Find out about the technology platforms we will use to support our Online Teaching and Learning programme and how to access them


We are delivering our Online Teaching and Learning Programme using the following technology platforms:

Nursery and Reception – Tapestry

Year 1 to Year 6 – Seesaw

Reception to Y6 – Microsoft Teams

Maths and English is set by 8.30am on the morning it is to be completed, other subjects for Y1-Y6 is set by Sunday evening for the week ahead, giving parents an advanced view of what their child’s week will look like. Nursery and Reception work is set each day.

Pupils in Y1-Y6 are able to view the work, complete it on a computer (using the ‘T’ button on Seesaw) or in their exercise book (preferred). We are aiming to ensure that very little work needs to be printed out however sometimes this is unavoidable. Where possible, alternative work will be offered. Work that has been completed in their exercise book can be sent back to teachers by uploading a scanned image or photograph of it.

If the children are working in their exercise book, then we have the same high standards of layout, presentation and handwriting that we would expect in school. All the children are familiar with these standards!

We hope that these arrangements will help to take some of the pressure off parents as we encourage pupils to develop their independent learning and feel more connected with their teachers and St Margaret’s friends.

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is an award-winning digital portfolio that allows you to see your child’s learning like never before. Teachers, parents and children can all access videos, audio recordings and notes in one place, taking the onus off solely the parent supporting their child’s learning.

How will it work?

In these uncertain times, we want to make sure we are balancing screen time for our pupils – Seesaw opens and closes each teaching day on the screen but provides resources and activities away from a computer or phone. On a teaching day morning, parents and children will log in to Seesaw where the teacher will have a daily check in with pupils (read a story, say hello, set instructions for the day). Then at the end of the day, the parent and child log back in to add photos and videos, documenting the day’s learning that the teacher can then comment on.

Why is it perfect for our families?

  • Empowerment of pupils – pupils will have a clear connection with their teacher at the beginning of each school day, giving them clear instructions on the day ahead. This relieves parents from thinking up activities and gives children independence in understanding the task and reporting back whilst keeping a connection to the school routine.
  • Development of metacognitive skills – children will report back on the day’s work using video, voice recordings or pictures. This is crucial to the development of metacognitive skills, allowing the child to learn about learning.
  • Easily accessible – access from phone or desktop with easy to use, intuitive software.

How do I access Seesaw?

You can find out more and log in via the Seesaw website.

Watch the introduction video here

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, resources and apps together in one place creating a vibrant learning environment.

How will it work?

Lessons will still run for students, with the teacher talking to them through the computer screen rather than at the front of the classroom. This face to face contact will allow the teacher to keep track of students and give students the chance to ask questions, keeping their lesson as similar as possible to learning in school.

Different subjects will sit in different channels and these will also become a place to go for any resources shared by the teacher, or recordings of classes to go over the information.

Pupils will still hand in homework through Microsoft Teams and teachers will offer high quality feedback – these tools will allow some normality where schooling is concerned.

Why is it perfect for our families?

  • Face to face contact – pupils and teachers still have face to face contact which is so important in making sure wellbeing, as well as academics, are monitored. At a time where so much change is happening, our teachers want to be there to support pupils and face to face contact makes this easier to do.
  • Virtual classroom – keeping a lesson routine is vital for our families’ wellbeing: structure will help pupils feel less overwhelmed with change and will also help parents know how to manage their time and energy.
  • Easily accessible – access from phone or desktop with easy to use, intuitive software.

How do I access the resources?

You child will need to click here and sign in using their normal school log in details.

More information on using Teams and Office 365 for remote learning is available from Microsoft here.

Watch the introduction video here

All pupils from Reception to Year 6 have been asked to sign a Digital Safety Agreement that sets out our expectations. This must be signed before pupils can access Teams.

Some Teams sessions will be recorded by staff and the other users will be aware that recording is occurring from the information bar on the screen. Only teachers are permitted to record sessions. For safeguarding reasons, pupils and parents are not allowed to record sessions, nor post recordings on social media.

This is clearly an unusual situation for everyone, where there is a greater reliance on digital devices than usual. We recommend that pupils try to spend no longer than three hours on a device each day. Teaching staff will work together to ensure that the work set is balanced across a mixture of mediums. If you feel your child’s screen time is exceeding what is reasonable, please do contact their Form Teacher so that they can help to coordinate communication between teaching staff. Regular breaks, within the maximum recommended screen time, are crucial.

Your child has been allocated a Form Time each day (Reception to Year 6) and attendance at this is compulsory. This allows us to complete a register for the class and to help the children with any learning or wellbeing issues they may have. If your child is unwell or misses their Form Time due to unforeseen circumstances, please email their Form Teacher as soon as possible so the register can be completed correctly and any worries investigated.

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