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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

Marking and Pupil Assessment

Find out how we will mark work and assess progress whilst we are teaching online

Marking and pupil assessment

We are not expecting children to complete every task. Just like in a lesson at school, we would like everyone to work at their own pace. We will try to make the objective of the lesson clear and children are used to telling us how they are feeling about work; we would like this dialogue to continue. We will be able to support children who are unsure of new learning well, if the children continue to give us feedback. If a child has completed their lesson time, then it is absolutely fine to stop and send the work into us.

In order to assist pupils with their learning, it is important that work is submitted back to the teachers for review and marking. However, given the circumstances, there is no pressure to do this immediately but a timely return will help the teacher to plan the next steps for each child. Individual teachers will make clear their expectations around submitting work when individual tasks are set.

For Nursery and Reception children, we ask parents to upload photo evidence to Tapestry for us to review in the usual way. For children in Years 1-6, most work can be submitted via Seesaw with some discussion topics assessed through participation in the Teams event. Feedback will be delivered through these platforms using a variety of approaches including written marking, a recorded comment or verbal feedback when working with small groups.

Teaching staff will be keeping a close eye on academic work and will be regularly assessing and reviewing pupils’ attainment and progress. This assessment will continue in line with our usual framework, taking into account both effort and attainment. Where there are specific concerns in any of these areas, our usual school approach will apply; subject teachers will address individual concerns, whilst form tutors will manage any broader issues.

We will be writing our usual Summer reports based on the classroom work the children have achieved, plus their online learning. These will come to you in the usual way but may be missing the May assessment data depending on the point at which school can re-open.

We are not going to set specific homework at the beginning of this phase. All the children will have a number of activities set for them and so can self-select a subject they need to or wish to, spend time on. We may introduce homework at a later point if this becomes useful for the children.

There is an expectation that all pupils read daily, aside from their timetable. As a guide, we recommend the following as minimum times:

Reception – 10 minutes a day

Y1 and Y2 – 20 minutes a day

Y3 and Y4 – 30 minutes a day

Y5 and Y6 – 40 minutes a day

Teachers will be providing online storytime sessions for pupils in Reception and Nursery.

We are very aware that our current Year 5 pupils want to perform to their best in their forthcoming entrance exams this autumn and winter. VR and non-VR lessons will continue to be delivered and we are confident that maths and English lessons will equip the pupils with the skills needed to confidently tackle the exams. At this point, the length of time we will be teaching and learning online is unknown and we wish to reassure parents that we are closely monitoring this situation and may revisit our provision if needed.

We are always happy to discuss future school choices and understand this is particularly critical for our Year 5 pupils. If you would like some help, guidance please contact Mrs Moss

01787 273050
01787 472134