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Spring Term 2017 Match Reports

The New Hall Netball tournament is notorious for its high standards of Netball and today was no exception.

We were in Pool A and faced our first opponent, New Hall ‘A’ team.

As always the first game is always a little scrappy. Both teams were still warming up and as the game progressed the match became more exciting. The defence had their work cut out for them and the shooters needed to convert. The girls kept their cool and managed t secure their first win of the day 6-5.

The next game was against Elm Green. Again the girls did not get off to the best of starts and made things very difficult for themselves. Their passing was not as accurate as it could have been, their catching was poor and movement was non-existent. The first half ended and a good team talk settled the girls. The second half was much better and the girl really got themselves together. Much improved passing, movement and catching helped us to secure another win 8-5.

With a short break for lunch we were feeling rested, we had refuelled and we were back on the court again. This time against Widford Lodge. The girls were like a completely different team, they were confident and alert. The girls were in control of the game and were unstoppable, passing, moving, catching, shooting and defending were seamless. The girls secured an impressive in of 17-2.

The final match was against Holmwood House. Earlier on in the tournament they had drawn with New Hall so we knew that they would be a tough team. However, having secured a previous win, the girl took everything in their stride and really played out of their skins. They played as a team and supported one another. This helped us to secure another convincing win of 12-5.

We had finished top of our Pool and were heading to the semi-finals. We had found ourselves in the same place last year, however this time the results were much better. We were playing against the 2nd placed team in Pool B, which was Alleyn Court. The girls continued to impress me and work together as a team. They secured an impressive win of 11-1 and were heading to the finals.

The other semi-final was against New Hall ‘A’ and Chigwell, whoever won this match would be our opposition.

New Hall pipped Chigwell to the post and we were playing them again, this time it was in the final.

The first half was very even, both teams playing well and intercepting the ball but not able to convert. Both teams had a strong defence that was hard to break through and at the end of the first half the score was 1-1. Going into the second half, the girls intercepted the ball from New Hall and converted. It was then our centre pass and we converted again putting us in the lead by 3-1. However, we still had plenty of time left to play. New Hall scored some goals, we scored some goals, New Hall scored again and then had possession of the ball for what seemed like forever. The final whistle went and we had lost track of the score. After a short wait the score was confirmed that St Margaret’s had won 4-3.

An excellent day for the girls, they showed so much determination throughout the tournament. The parents and grandparents were there in force again and really do make a difference to the girls moral. Thank you girls for listening to coaching advice and always wanting to do your best, you make me proud. To the parents and grandparents, thank you. You cheer your hearts out for the girls and are amazing support for them. It was lovely to see such emotion from everyone after the finals, a well-deserved 1st place for you all.

It is so hard to choose a player of the tournament as all of the girls were amazing, however one girl played the best I had ever seen her play. She oozed confidence, her shooting was on point and her movement was exceptional. Well done Scarlett.

The U9 A team had their first Hockey tournament. The tournament is played on grass, something we are not used to.

The first game was against The Abbey. We were a little nervous and took our time really getting into the game. We bunched a little and could not find our own players, however, we worked hard and managed to score a goal. Our lead was short lived and we switched off and conceded a goal. We had a few opportunities to score but could not find the power in our shots to convert. The game ended 1-1.

The second game was against Finborough. We already had one game under our belts and I could see the girls growing in confidence. We passed better, bunched less and managed to score 2 goals in quick concession. However, we conceded one and the score ended with a 2-1 win for us.

Our next game was against Littlegarth, we knew this would be our toughest game yet and we were not wrong. We lost a little confidence in the first half and went 2-0 down, however the girls fought hard and got a goal back. We kept trying to score, but were having no luck. We lost our first game 2-1.

The last game was against Holmwood House. Again we knew that we were up against some tough competition. We went out strong and really hassled their defence. We had ample opportunities to score but again could not find the goal. We had the ball for the majority of the game and fought hard to get the ball back when Holmwood had possession. Final score 0-0.

St Margaret’s A team finished a respectable 3rd place. Well done girls.

Player of the tournament was Eva.

‘A’ team – This was the first time that we played St Cedd’s at Netball and we knew that they had some very good players. The girls were more than up for the challenge and played out of their skins. They commanded the game and put all of the skills learned into the game. The shooters were on fire, the centre court players were strong and the defenders were unstoppable. The girls really played as a strong unit and secured a win of 7-4.

Player of the match was Heidi.

‘B’ team –

From the very beginning this was a close game. St Margaret’s got off to a slow start and although they made some great interceptions, they also made some poor choices with their passes and too many players followed the ball rather than finding a space to receive it in. They had a couple of shots at goal, but by the end of the first quarter they were 1-0 down.

At the start of the second quarter, our girls picked up pace and began to dodge more effectively and demonstrated better decision making. Lauren worked very well in defence passing the ball swiftly out from a backline pass to Aimee or Imogen.

By the beginning of the final quarter St Margaret’s were 2-1 up, but they knew they would have to work hard to maintain their lead. Bethany scored a third goal and shortly after St Cedd’s also scored a goal. From this point forwards, the girls played pulled together as a team and held onto their lead till the final whistle blew. The final score was 3-2 (Bethany – 2, Charlotte – 1) St Cedd’s awarded Amira man of the match. Well done to all.

The four weeks of training at Braintree Hockey Club had come to an end and we were ready to put all of our skills to the test.

We passed the ball really well and created some lovely spaces. The team defended well and managed to clear the ball effectively. There were lots of positives to take from the game and we will definitely be working on our dribbling for the next few lessons. The girls secured their first win of 3-1.

Well done girls.

This week we decided to do something a little different and gave the year 6 girls a rest. This meant that the Year 5’s had to step up and continue playing without the guidance and leadership that the Year 6 girls bring to the team.

The girls played really well and were tight to their defenders making it very difficult for the opposition. Excellent shooting by Niamh and Scarlett made the score line what it was. A convincing win by the girls.

Player of the match was Molly.

Final score 19-0

It was somewhat surprising that we managed to get a match on and even more commendable that the standard was so high considering ‘Storm Doris’ was causing lots of problems everywhere. The Boys got off to a good start and defended the Holmwood start well. A break by Captain Briac paved the way for the opening try and things looked promising. However, some good running and poor defence saw Holmwood score 4 tries without reply. A further try of some quality again from Briac led to the conclusion of the game. Holmwood ran out 25-10 winners. The Team has lots of work to do in many areas to get performances up to standard. There needs to be a more collective effort rather than a reliance on 1 or 2 players.

Man of the Match: Briac

St Margaret’s U11 team have been playing well. We played Dame Bradbury last term and won by 1 goal, so we knew the match would be tough.

The girls go off to a good start and we managed to score some early goals. Dame Bradbury were right back in the game and were defensively strong, making it very hard for us. A lack of concentration and some poor passing led Dame Bradbury to close the gap. However, the girls stayed strong and despite a nasty fall by Immy, managed to hold on for the win.

Player of the match was Sofia.

Final score 11-7.

The U11C Football Team were looking forward to this fixture. Having worked hard this term they were hoping for an improved performance against Gosfield B who had beaten them comfortably earlier this season. The boys kicked off and there was an immediate injury for an unlucky Gosfield player. Play restarted and STM were moving the ball well and clearing any danger. The weather was deteriorating and getting even more windy as the game progressed. Bertie was impressing in defence and winning lots of tackles. His distribution was generally good, finding the midfield players. Rory was having a positive influence in midfield and working hard. Goals came at regular intervals and Leo secured his first goals of the season. Blaise looked strong when running with the ball and made valuable runs down the wing. The final result showed a reverse of the previous fixture with STM winning 7-0.

Many of the Match: Bertie K

The Boys were expecting a really tough afternoon from a strong team that beat them in a highly successful football season. How differently things unfolded with the Boys playing some free flowing Rugby and being very strong in the tackle. Lessons seemed to have been learned from earlier in the term and strong defence was a key factor in the game. Good discipline and staying on the pitch when running with the ball really helped. The final score was a 45-10 victory with some excellent individual and team tries.

Man of the Match: Briac

The first game back after half term can always be a tough one. However the girls played really well. They moved the ball up and down the court seamlessly. Their passing was sound and their movement dynamic.

Player of the match was Heidi.

Final score 24-2.

The Under 11 A Team had to contend with a few injuries as they entertained Finborough. Despite looking fragmented they held a narrow lead of a solitary goal until late in the second half where Finborough deservedly equalised. It was a question of hanging on as a visibly tired team lacked the energy they usually display. A great chance could have won the match for STM but we contrived to miss from a couple of metres ! A good effort considering the injuries and lack of substitutes available.

Man of the Match: Charlie M

The Under 11A 5 a side team competed in the ISA Regional Competition at Stoke College and enjoyed a great day.

The tournament started with a tough fixture against Littlegarth A and secured a draw with a solid performance. 2 wins over Gosfield and St Johns and a draw ensured an unbeaten qualification in the Final stages in 2nd place.

The Quarter final match was against Alleyn Court B, who had won 5 out of 5 in their group, and looked a strong proposition. However, the Boys played very well and their best football to secure a resounding 4-0 win! This meant that by ensuring a Semi-Final spot they had secured a place at the National Finals.

In the Semi- Final a break-away goal caught us out after dominating the game and saw us lose to the eventual winners. A really good effort from the Boys.

The B Team enjoyed a couple of notable wins. This is very creditable as a B team. Ultimately the Boys finished in 3rd place in their group as there was some strong competition. Everybody worked really hard and enjoyed the day.

STM U11A Football v Moreton Hall A

Won 6-0

The U11 A Football Team came out clear winners in this fixture. The opposition had some logistical problems and the game was somewhat delayed. STM got in to their stride early and scored on regular occasions. There was a strong all-round performance with competent goalkeeping, sound defence and good attacking options. Lots of passing football was played with some good finishing.

Man of the Match: Brodie HF

On Wednesday 1st February the U11 B team played against Moreton Hall at home.  Unfortunately due to Moreton Hall’s very late arrival we only had time for a 12 minute game, played in two halves. They were also short of a couple of players so four of our girls volunteered to step in to play half a game each for their team.

By this time, our girls were thoroughly warmed up and raring to go.  We scored our first goal within the first couple of minutes and a second shortly after, and by the end of the first half we were 6-0 up.  Throughout the match, the defenders worked hard to stay with their player and time their interceptions.  Ruby, Aimee and Imogen were particularly effective in defence and only gave Moreton only a couple of chances at shooting at goal.  The final score was 11-0 (Bethany 7, Charlotte 4).  Moreton Hall awarded Charlotte player of the match.  Well done to everyone.

ISA Regional Netball

St Margaret’s make history

With a few wins under our belts, the girls were confident, but knew that it would be a tough day. The tournament was organised into 2 pools. To progress further into the competition we had to finish top 2.

The first game was against a school that we all know well, Littlegarth. The girls played well, a little panicked in places, but it was the first game. The match was a little bit like a tennis match in that the ball was up and down the court, however Niamh and Heidi were on form and managed to lead us to a comfortable win of 2-1. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The second game was against Heathcote. The girls had secured their first win of the day and went into the match with a new found confidence. Excellent interceptions from the defence helped us to capitalise when we had the ball in our circle. The final score was a win 7-1.

At the half way point we knew that we had to win the last 2 games to be in with a chance of reaching the semi-finals.

Finborough were our next opponents, who just a game earlier had closed the gap in Littlegarth. The girls didn’t lose focus and knew that they were doing well and had the skill set to secure another win. They managed to beat Finborough with the final score being a win 4-2.

Final game was against Cambridge International School, an opponent that we had not come across until this point. The girls carry on doing what they were good at, passing, moving, defending and shooting. Another win for St Margarets 11-0.

We had finished top of our group and were progressing to the semi-finals.

We had to play the runner up of the other pool. This team was Alleyn Court. This was the most important game and the girls knew it. We had to win to guarantee us a place at the Nationals. The girls came together once more and produced a convincing win of 10 goals to 0.

This then led us to the finals. We were to meet our toughest opposition yet, Ursuline. The girls continued to pay well, but Ursuline were a good team and managed to score a few goals on the run. We worked hard to catch up, but it was not meant to be. Final score, we lost 6-2.

I am extremely proud of the all the girls and how their Netball has developed. They play exceptionally well all day and in typical St Margaret’s fashion were polite and courteous to all teams. Their sportsmanship was second to none and for that I am very happy.

For the first time since we have played in entering the Regional competition we made a semi-final. This year we topped that and some; semi-final, final and a place in the ISA National Netball Tournament. Well done again girls.

Also a big thank you to all the parents that came to support us. It’s lovely to have you there watching and lifting the girls’ spirits cheering them on, a real boost for them. So from me, thank you to you all.

Mrs Leanne Weaver


On Wednesday the U11A played old rival Dame Bradbury School hoping to avenge defeat from last term’s Rugby.

STM started off badly allowing DB’s best player to evade several tackles and score. However, good discipline and effort led to the side coming back and holding on to a draw at 2-2 as half time approached. Inexplicably Muiris allowed a corner to slip through his hands, hit his lower leg and roll into an empty net. A disappointing finish to the first half.

Plenty of pressure led to a great opportunity created by substitute Harry that ended up with Scott missing an open goal from 3 metres. This would have levelled the game up nicely and it wasn’t to be. DB’s score 2 goals in as many minutes right at the death to give them a flattering scoreline. Plenty of positives from the game but lots of indecisive patchy play that needs to be improved.

Man of the Match: Not awarded

St Margarets U11A

All of the girls felt prepared for the match, however, knew how important it was to take control of the game early. They played together as a team, knowing exactly where the next pass was going. Effortlessly the ball moved up the court to our shooters time after time. The defence were strong and intercepted the ball at every opportunity. Final score was 13-0. Great effort girls. The player of the match chosen by the other team was Immy. Well done.


In the first quarter each team scored a goal. In the second quarter no goals were scored by there was some fantastic playing by St. Margaret’s with a few near misses. During the final half of the game we played well and Scarlett, Ruby and I all scored a goal.

Bishops Stortford made a comeback scoring one further goal. Final score 4 – 2 to St. Margaret’s.

by Bethany I

U11C team

Player of the match: Edith L.

Our team was very strong and played really well together. We scored two goals and unfortunately the other team scored 4.

Isabelle D and myself scored a goal each. Edith played very well in defence so she was chosen as player of the match – very well deserved! Everyone in our team was fantastic though and each of them stood out in all different individual ways.

by Isabelle M-P

U11B team

In the first third, attaching and defending was good. As the ball got to either end both goad keepers did great intercepting to get the ball straight back down to the other end for a goal. The first goal was scored by St. Margaret’s, shortly followed by a goal for Widford Lodge. End of the first third the score was 3-1 to Widford Lodge.

In the second third, both teams played better than the first and there were more interceptions. Both had great centre passes also. Many high and snappy passes were thrown. The only goal scored in the second third was for St. Margaret’s, leaving the score as 3-2 to Widford Lodge.

In the final third, there were many opportunities for St. Margaret’s to score a goal, but none went in. Again, the goal keepers did very well and both intercepted as many balls as possible. Widford Lodge ended up scoring 5 goals. The final score was 8 – 2 to Widford Lodge.

Report by Molly F

St Margaret’s U9A

The first match of the Hockey season was an exciting one full of promise. We had the ball for the entire match, passing and moving well. Our ball control was good and defensively we were strong. The only thing that we could not do was score. We had many opportunities but no matter how hard we tried it just was not our day. Despite the score, the girls played well and were the stronger team. But as we all know goals count and on this occasion we were not able to secure the win. One thing for sure is that we definitely know what we will be working on in the next few training sessions.


Won 3 – 2

In the first half of the match we were a bit wobbly and tried to score but couldn’t because the other team were good at defending. They also had the upper hand by scoring two goals when we had scored none.

In the second half we had our hockey heads on and scored three goals. Alice scored one goad and Peggy scored two and the other team scored zero.

We came to the end of the match and did our team cheers. Each team selected someone to be player of the match for the other team. Our team selected the team captain of Woodford Lodge, they selected Peggy.

Well done to Peggy and all of the St. Margaret’s B team

By Lily C.

St Margaret’s U9A v Widford Lodge A

Lost 15-35

STM got off to a good start with some strong defence forcing a Widford knock on. From the resulting play Briac ran the length of the pitch to score a great try and take the lead. Widford had an extremely fast and agile runner who scored 3 tries and left the team trailing 5-15 at half time. Great tackling from Leo and Briac was not followed up by the rest of the Team unfortunately. This allowed Widford time and space to score further tries with STM always playing catch up. Final score 35-15 to Widford.

Man of the Match: Leo C – Solid in defence.

St Margaret’s U9B v Widford Lodge B

Drew 30 -30

STM played really well and despite being ahead several times had to settle for an exciting 30-30 draw. Mr Clinch was very pleased with the Boys who showed great promise.

Man of the Match: Daniel D.

St Margaret’s U11A v Widford Lodge A

Won 1-0

STM recorded their second victory in as many matches in a close fought affair with Widford Lodge. Some promising early play from both teams went unrewarded until a first-time shot from Charlie M skimmed the head of a defender and nestled in the top corner giving the keeper no chance. This goal gave the Boys added confidence and they put some good moves together focing the away keeper into a double save. During the second half Widford were putting on a lot of pressure, but STM showed good shape defensively and held out for a narrow victory.

Man of the Match: Charlie M – Solid in defence.

St Margarets B Vs Gosfield A

Won 7- 2

A superb team performance saw St Margaret’s B team dominate possession and record a substantial victory against their local rivals. The boys really took on board the coaching points from last week’s game and some of their crisp passing and intelligent movement was a joy to behold. Each member of the team performed their roles superbly: Max dealt well with long range shots and came off his line bravely to prevent a clear one-on-one opportunity. Bertie performed the role of sweeper admirably and Harley, Oscar and Ollie were industrious in midfield. Special mention has to go, however, to Charlie L and Harry. The former was pushed further up field to perform in a defensive midfield role and bossed the game; cutting out through- balls, breaking up attacks and distributing the ball with composure. Harry, meanwhile, was a real livewire upfront; turning his man, laying the ball off nicely to the wing and managing to bag and impressive five goals (one of which was a superb volley from Charlie’s corner). The signs are promising for this team, but there is still much room for improvement and they must continue to work hard to build on these three points.

Man of the match (joint): Harry D and Charlie L


St Margarets A V Widford Lodge- Netball

The first match of the Spring term was against Widford Lodge. The A team were ready to play and had worked hard in their lessons in preparation for the game. The team had a slow start and the ball was moved up and down the court by both teams as if it was a tennis match. However, as the game progressed the girls settled down and began to take control of the game. Heidi and Niamh shot well and were able to convert. Immy and Skyla defended well and Sofia, Maria and Amira held the centre court together nicely. Player of the match, who was selected by the other team is: Immy. Well done. The final score was: _____________________

A Team Score: Won 4-2

An open and flowing game of football ensued from the whistle. STM were well organised and dominated early possession. Despite creating several chances the scores remained level until Muiris T unleashed a big kick that eluded all the players and went over the opposition keeper. An ecstatic team applauded the keeper on taking the lead in the most unusual of circumstances. A second goal from Scott B, following in on a great cross by Brodie, settled nerves. With some good football being played the scores remained the same until half-time. Following the break Kings Ely seemed to pay with renewed vigour and score two quick goals to level the game. Just when it looked like STM were going to concede a deft touch by Brodie allowed Huey to steal home and score. One final goal settled the contest in a hard fought victory.

Man of the Match – Huey H

B Team Score: Lost 2-4

This game was closer than the scoreline suggests, with moments of crisp, incisive passing showing promise for the future. Some good teamwork, nice touches from the captain, Harry, and excellent goalkeeping from Max were the highlights of a very competitive match. A little work on defensive positioning and more prolonged periods of passing will see this group develop nicely as the season progresses.

Man of the Match – Max M

C Team – Lost 1-6

A really enjoyable match for all the boys and they showed great progression through the match. Playing against a strong and somewhat physical Kings side St Margaret’s went behind to two early goals and despite scoring a fine goal of their own were behind 4-1 at half time. A much improved defensive performance restricted Kings to 2 second half goals. A committed and performance in difficult conditions.

Man of the match – Thomas D