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Choosing a ‘big’ school for your child when they approach five years of age is a big milestone. But at St. Margaret’s we’re here to hold your hand – and theirs!

Our class sizes are small and taught by well-qualified staff who care for our children as individuals, meeting their needs to reach their full potential.

We put great emphasis on reading, teaching it through phonological awareness and letter recognition. Children read to an adult every day. In maths we focus on number formation, accurate counting and mental arithmetic.

Specialist teachers teach Music, Sport, ICT and French.

There is a different topic every term, and plenty of opportunity for learning outside the classroom making use of our seven acres of beautiful grounds, including Forest School.  Our two Reception classrooms are bright and spacious with an attractive outside play area especially for our Early Years children; play and exploration are encouraged as much as creativity and learning skills.

Integration with the rest of the school is important and the children attend school assemblies, play with the Middle Years at play times, often assisted by older children who are Play Leaders.

At lunch our own catering team provides a nutritionally-balanced meal, with an emphasis on good table manners and the correct use of cutlery. and take part in a whole-school production at the end of the year.

The children also have the opportunity to perform assemblies and plays each term, watched by parents and the rest of the school, building their confidence at every step.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the St. Margaret’s family!

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Ofsted Inspection Report

June 2014

Children benefit from a highly stimulating, well-planned and consistently dynamic approach to teaching and learning, delivered by experienced and dedicated staff.

Children attain exceptionally well in all areas of learning. This is because staff have a clear, precise understanding of how children learn and have high expectations to ensure that each child makes the best possible progress.

Children develop exceptionally high self-esteem and a very strong sense of self, enabling them to make effective relationships and build the confidence they need to become successful learners.