Key stages

Our aim is for children who come to St. Margaret's Prep School to experience a curriculum that will develop confidence, independence and a lifelong love of learning.

At St. Margaret’s Prep School there are four main Key Stages; Nursery, Reception, Pre-Prep and Prep.

The Nursery at St. Margaret’s is where children begin their educational journey with us from 2 years old. In the Nursery, children are introduced to basic educational practices through play-based activities which makes learning fun and engaging.

From When they approach 5 years of age children move into Reception where class sizes are small, and subjects are more structured within the Early Years curriculum. After Reception, children move into our purpose built Pre-Prep classrooms where the great emphasis is given to mastering basic number, reading and writing skills, as well as discovering History, Geography ICT and Science, largely through topic work.

The final destination on the St. Margarets educational journey is Prep School. In the Prep School, children continue the National Curriculum and the expectations of the independent curriculum to prepare them for senior school. Children are prepared for entrance examinations, including the 11+.

The Nursery at St Margaret’s

Children join us from 2 years old and have the very best start in their education. The guiding principle at The Nursery at St. Margaret’s is that learning should be fun!

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Children move into Reception in the school year that they turn 5. Class sizes are small, with dedicated, enthusiastic, well qualified class teachers and teaching assistants.

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In Pre-Prep (Years 1 and 2), children's experience of all areas of the curriculum is stimulating and exciting. Children discover History, Geography and Science, largely through topic work and school trips.

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In the Prep School (Years 3 to 6), children continue their journey of learning in a rich and exciting way in line with the National Curriculum, developing both a knowledge and understanding of the world and of themselves.

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Learning Support

We are proud of our excellent Learning Support Department at St. Margaret's. We offer the support needed so that every child can get the most out of their education.

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The Arts

At St Margaret's we believe a rounded education should include a good arts education, introducing children to great literature, drama, the visual arts and music.

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Sport is both an integral and important aspect of life at St. Margaret's. Pupils are given a wide platform of opportunities in which to participate, perform, compete and excel.

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