Introducing new teacher, Mr Perkins

Job title: Graduate Sports Assistant

When did you join St. Margaret’s? 1st January 2021

What did you do before? I was at Suffolk New College, where I completed my PGCE Teacher Training.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? As a pupil I have always had a love of sports and exercise. Therefore, I knew that when I became an adult, I wanted to be similar to those teachers who had inspired me throughout my life.

If you hadn’t become a teacher, which career would you have chosen instead? My career would have been either an archaeologist where I would travel the world and explore ruins of civilizations. Or an Environmental Scientist, gathering samples and observations of data in the field.

How do you think your own school days have shaped your adult life? When I was at school, I loved learning, I was excited to have my mind opened and given a glimpse of the wonders of the world.

Which aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? I very much enjoy being outside, active and having lots of fun. Taking part in physical activity is such an exciting and fun aspect of school life.

Who would you most like to have as a pupil, if you could pick anyone? Wonder Woman. It would be exciting to have a superhero as a pupil.

How do you relax away from work? Away from work I enjoy: museums, exploring new places, beach holidays, going jogging, the gym, indoor & outdoor climbing, hiking, skiing and swimming.

Did you know? Please give us a fascinating fact about you. When I was a teenager, I could swim two lengths of a swimming pool under water.

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