Introducing Mr Jared Lunn

Boys Games & Year 6 Teacher

Where did you work before?

I worked at St Thomas More School in Southend-on-Sea, teaching PE, Science, STEM and Duke of Edinburgh.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

After a very positive experience at school myself, as well as growing up with brilliant sporting role models, at the age of 16 I began coaching at a local primary school. Whilst working at that particular school, I was encouraged by the impact teachers have on the overall development of a child and their outlook towards sport and healthy living. This encouraged me to continue to volunteer throughout my time at university, studying Sport Science and Education.

If you hadn’t become a teacher, which career would you have chosen instead?

Being a passionate sportsman, I could only see myself in a career within the sporting sector. If I wasn’t teaching, I would have pursued a career in football academy coaching, which I started whilst in university. I would have liked to continue with either Fulham or Brentford FC if teaching hadn’t worked out.

How do you think your own school days have shaped your adult life? 

I had a very positive experience at both school and sixth form. I believe that education has a vast influence on a students’ character, and for my experience I am grateful that the support and kindness of my teachers alike have moulded my personality. I believe I am a confident and caring individual that is focused on providing a fun and engaging education to all my students, ensuring the benefit from the psychological as well as physical advantages of sports.

How has school life changed in the last 10 years?

Schools have changed a fair amount over the last 10 years. We as teachers, and people in society, have become more aware and accepting of aspects that make us all individual. We are better equipped and educated to adapt to every child’s needs and are able to differentiate our lessons to support the way that each individual learns. This has made school a better, more well-rounded place that each child is able to strive in.

Which aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all aspects of my job from the educational delivery of lessons to the extra-curricular clubs and fixtures where you get to see all the hard work pay off in competitive sport. I am grateful that my job is different every day, and I enjoy the challenge that is having to diversify my work to suit the needs of each child.

One aspect that I am really looking forward to, is working with new students, building upon their existing qualities, and witnessing progression in not just their sporting ability but their personal attributes too.

Who would you most like to have as a pupil, if you could pick anyone?

I would pick an individual like Jessica Ennis-Hill or Cristiano Ronaldo. Jessica is a very well-rounded sportswomen who has the ability to compete in 10 different events at an elite level. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo has an exceptional work ethic and mindset, better than any other sports person in the world. Both are confident individuals, who I believe would have been fun to teach.

How do you relax away from work?

My life revolves around sport, whether that may be a “relaxing” round of golf, playing football or just spending time with friends and family, sport is usually at the forefront of everything I do. If I am not playing or coaching, I enjoy watching various sports, both live in stadiums around the country or simply on the TV.

Did you know? Please give us a fascinating fact about you.

I have competed for England, Wales and Great Britain in various showjumping competitions around Europe, including Nation Cups, international events and European championships. My biggest achievement is winning two team gold medals for Great Britain.


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