Engineering Day

Year 5 and Year 6 spent Monday 14th June 2021 working on an Engineering Project designed by a team from the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.

They watched video presentations to introduce them to the environmental challenges that will face engineers in the future and were introduced to different bridge designs. The children completed written work that was submitted as part of their projects. They were then challenged to make a suspension bridge with a range of materials and with specific features they had learned about.

The children worked in small groups and it was fantastic to see the innovative designs that they came up with. Their work was assessed by two PhD students from the University of Cambridge Engineering Department; the children were given feedback about all aspects of their work and were able to ask questions about engineering and careers in this area.

We hope that the day will inspire some of our St. Margaret’s students to be the engineers of the future!

Big thanks to University of Cambridge students Doug and Ben for all their help and enthusiasm!

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