Private education: Is it right for your family?

It can be a minefield when making decisions about your child’s education, with a whole host of options available including state school, private school, single sex school, boarding school, the list goes on. Ultimately, you need to review your options based on what is right for your individual child and your family. If a private secondary school or grammar school is an ambition for your child then it is important to consider a private primary school, like St Margaret’s, to ensure your child is best prepared for the next phase in their education.

Catch up & keep up

Due to the recent interruption in education caused by the pandemic, you may also be reassessing whether your child could benefit from moving to a school that is able to help them catch up on education missed, as well as being able to switch back to a genuine online teaching programme, as necessary.

Here at St. Margaret’s, we provide a challenging and stimulating environment necessary for outstanding academic achievement in the local selective 11+ examinations and in selection examinations for independent secondary schools, which is above the national expectations.

But what makes St. Margaret’s so special for parents is the warm and nurturing heart at its core, with every child valued and treated as an individual to bring out the very best in them, no matter what stage they join us in their educational journey, from Nursery to Year 6.

Some of the advantages for a child attending a private primary school such as St Margaret’s Prep, include:

Subject Specialist teaching
Each of our students receives the highest quality of teaching from specialist teachers. We firmly believe in education being led by subject experts, such as music, art, drama, French & Spanish, science, sport and computer science.

Music is an integral part of the curriculum and each child is encouraged to participate in music making. Singing forms the basis for learning musical skills from Nursery onwards and from Year 2 until Year 5 class lessons include free recorder tuition for all children. From Year 1 every child is encouraged to learn an instrument of their choice with music lessons and tutoring by our 13 Peripatetic staff. A huge variety of instruments are available; as well as singing we also offer piano, violin, viola, ‘cello, harp, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, cornet, trumpet, trombone, French horn and drums. Children, who learn an instrument individually, are encouraged to become part of an ensemble as soon as possible. The ensembles, orchestras and choirs have the chance to perform on stage every term in concerts and musical productions. ABRSM exams take place at the school on a termly basis and all children are encouraged to aspire to these.

Science is taught by a specialist teacher in our fully resourced lab to pupils from Year 2 to Year 6.

Modern Foreign Languages Children are taught by specialist teachers and learn French from age 2 in our nursery class and then over the next nine years until they leave St Margaret’s. In Year 4, children also start learning Spanish, which they find thoroughly engaging and accessible having already learnt a romance language since nursery.  Importance is placed on maintaining enthusiasm for languages, in the hope that children might be inclined to continue learning foreign languages throughout their lives.

Art/Design Technology– All St. Margaret’s children participate in art, design technology and craft activities where they can develop their powers of observation, technical skill, presentation skills and individual creativity.

Sport is considered to be an integral part of education and development. In all areas of sport, a sense of fair play and team spirit are encouraged as well as a healthy desire to win fairly and to lose graciously.

Computer Science and Technology is taught from Reception through to Year 6 in our fully equipped ICT suite and state of the art Discovery Lab. Many opportunities are provided for all of our children from a green screen, photography, computerised toys and interactive whiteboards.

Online Teaching & Learning we are able to switch to a full online teaching programme should the need arise, including interactive face-to-face lessons with teachers and peers and one-to-one sessions, using Microsoft Teams. From 2021, every child from year 3 up will have their own personal device.

Accredited Forest School
Children go out into our woodland for Forest School lessons in all weathers, all year round. We believe children thrive when their learning is fuelled by a spirit of adventure and this motivates them to become more independent learners back in the classroom.

We don’t just nurture our pupils’ minds, we provide highly nutritious meals at lunchtime to ensure your child has the fuel they need in order to perform at their best.

We offer a varied range of clubs, to all age groups, enabling your child a chance to discover new hobbies, talents and interests. From Spanish, exam preparation, homework club to choir, cookery, drumming and golf, we have something for everyone.

The opportunities available to your child when placing them in a private school are endless, and we hope that you will come and see us at St Margaret’s Prep to find out what we have to offer your family.

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